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Cold Tips

Your clothing keeps you warm, safe and productive in cold environments but choosing the right clothing is only part of the picture. To make it simple, here are 10 cold facts that can help you stay warm.

10 Tips To Stay Warm and Safe

Choose clothes according to your activity level

More active = less insulation needed.
Less active = more insulation needed.

Avoid perspiration build-up.

Stay dry to maintain warmth. Moisture can prevent you from staying warm so look for moisture wicking layers.

Layer clothing.

A good inner layer insulates and wicks moisture away from the skin. The outer layer continues the wicking process and insulates by preventing body heat from escaping.

Drink more water, less caffeine.

Caffeine can cause dehydration so you need lots of water to stay warm.

Don’t wear clothing that is too tight or too loose.

Insulated clothing or layers should fit comfortably and also helps seal out drafts.

Protect bare skin.

Cover all areas that will be exposed to cold temperature or wind.

Don't smoke or drink alcohol.

Nicotine and alcohol dangerously affect the body’s ability to regulate and conserve heat, especially in your extremities.

Eat more.

When working in cold temperatures, you should average at least 2,400 calories and up to 4,000 calories per day.

Pay attention to your body.

Get out of the cold if you experience extreme drowsiness, loss of balance, extreme shivering or slower breathing.

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